The scout have spent a lot of time building their own go-karts.  Years ago this was a regular pursuit but today it is unheard of.     The leaders arranged for all four packs to make their own go-karts which as you can image created a lot of competition!

As the weeks went by you could see the go-karts emerging from the raw materials.  The final stage was to let them loose with paint!  Biggest lesson for the Leaders, don’t let scouts anywhere near paint.  At last the go-karts were ready to race.  It was arranged to meet at Ruddington Park on a Saturday morning to see whether all the hard work had paid off and the go-karts would actually work!

Each pack member was given the chance to race their go-kart down a hill.  A safe and suitable steep hill was located within the park.  The funniest incident was the team who travelled a whole 2 meters before diverting off the racecourse into a waste paper bin (the only obstacle anywhere near the run).  When it came to the team race, that same team were a bit nervous about their cart steering and no-one wanted to go first until Peter motivated them by telling them not to think of it as getting injured, but if they did get injured it would be a day off school!  Then they all wanted to go first.

The biggest problem on the day was the front wheels collapsing, so emergency repairs where needed on every cart.  Graham  got collared by the park rangers.  We don’t  know what was said but they let us continue.

I’m sorry for those competitive Scouts but I don’t have details of the final times and I understand the leaders can’t remember who came in the first three or which Kart was the best.  If anyone has any more information please let me know.  I do however know which Scout came back the muddiest!  My son rolled down the hill after being encouraged by his fellow scouts.  He is never one to miss the opportunity to get dirty!

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