On the 5th October 2014 the Beavers went to Sherwood Pines to do some bushcraft activities. The day started with us all having a map given to us by the rangers to get to the site.  The Beavers had to read it to get us all there, and after a good walk through the forest we managed to find our way there with some impressive map reading skills by some of the Beavers.

Once at the site we spent the rest of the morning den building with things we could find in the forest. The Beavers where split into two teams and after much competition amongst the teams both dens turned out to be hurricane proof though maybe not as water proof as they’d hoped after water was poured over the dens with the Beavers sat in them!

After lunch the Beavers had to work as a team to completed the assault course carrying a heavy dummy that took all of them holding to carry it. They managed this well and showed good team work to complete the course in a good time.

To finish off the day we all learned how to build and light a fire safely, including lighting different materials to see which ones were best to build the fire out of. We then used these skills to make a small kettle fire to boil some water to make us all a hot chocolate, which we drank while we toasted marsh mallows on the camp fire we had made. 2014-10-05 12.17.322014-10-05 12.17.352014-10-05 12.18.032014-10-05 12.18.582014-10-05 12.23.332014-10-05 12.23.442014-10-05 12.24.212014-10-05 12.24.252014-10-05 12.25.142014-10-05 12.26.302014-10-05 13.01.152014-10-05 13.14.392014-10-05 13.15.282014-10-05 13.19.562014-10-05 13.24.492014-10-05 13.24.552014-10-05 13.48.132014-10-05 13.48.452014-10-05 14.30.202014-10-05 14.48.512014-10-05 15.19.24