One Scout and nine Explorers from Keyworth were lucky enough to spend 12 days in Estonia.  They were part of a group of about 90 young people and leaders from Nottinghamshire.  They left Cropwell Bishop at 1 am in the early hours of Wednesday 27th July in order to catch a flight from Stanstead Airport.

The opening ceremony was interesting as it started by them felling two trees in order to make the flag pole.  The Mayor and School Teacher arrived from the local village.  The national anthems from each country were sung.  Ours was really good for the first verse which everyone knew but they carried on for three verses!

There was a two day expedition into wild country.  They hiked for about 20 km each day and canoed about 7 km.  One group arrived at the overnight camp at 10 pm to be told to build their own shelter with just ropes and tarpauling!  Their roll mats and sleeping bags didn’t arrive until 12.15 pm!  They built a spider course with high and low ropes, had a day at the lake, went orienteering and a day at the beach.  A visit to Tallinn, the capital, included going to the National History Museum.  They learnt about the wild life – elk, wild wolf and bears which I don’t think anyone saw.  A BBQ at the British Ambassitors residence was interesting with lovely formal gardens.  A trampoline was set up and a game of football kept them entertained.

The food was very different from home and included lots of porridge, soup, pasta, stews with potatoes and not much meat and when it did difficult to say what!  The village shop a short walk away did a great trade selling chocolate, waffles, sweets and water to our Scouts!

The closing ceremony was carried out with a party including music and the camp fire.  They even cut down the flag pole and put it on the fire!  After an early start, our group being the first to arrive were also the last to leave, headed back to Tallinn for their flight back to Stanstead.  They arrive back on Sunday 7th August about 5 pm at Cropwell Bishop a little tired and perhaps not as clean!  What a great experience and one I’m sure they will remember all their lives.

I would like to thank you to Sue Youngson and her team of Kinoulton leaders who kept an eye on our young people during their stay as none of our leaders could make it – perhaps next time.