A very excited group of Scouts signed up to go Paintballing along with their leaders.  This event has only just been opened up to Scouts, due to age restrictions, so the places filled up really quickly.  The day started promptly at 9 am when the necessary paperwork was completed and the overalls, body armour and face masks were given out.

There were 400 people on the day, not just us, who were divided into smaller groups depending on age, group size and paintballing experience to make the whole experience safe and enjoyable.  Before the groups were allowed to start a comprehensive briefing with how the day would run and the necessary safety information was given.  Marshals then handed out coloured armbands and would keep an eye on the battle as it developed.

The day was divided into six different zones with following battles:-

  • The first was Tomb Raider – Trek deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle and locate an ancient  pyramid, hidden from human eyes for hundreds of years.  Evil forces are converging on the pyramid and will stop at nothing to take the amulet.
  • Black Hawk Down – an explosion overhead, an allied Black Hawk helicopter has been hit by an enemy RPG and has crash landed. The mission is to move your unit quickly through the jungle towards the downed helicopter, rescue the injured pilot and escort him to safety before the enemy take him in for ‘questioning’.
  • Counter Strike – Themed on WWII style bunkers, each team is required to hold key objectives and vantage points with the team holding the most buildings at the end of the game emerging as victorious.
  • Castle Wallenberg – Deep in the heart of the Bavarian forest lies the ancient Castle Wallenberg, an enormous two-story fortress with a dark history. In a last ditch attempt at rallying their forces, evil forces have occupied this hidden and seemingly impenetrable structure slowing the allied advance into Europe. Your mission is to mount an attack against Castle Wallenberg, eliminate the last of the enemy and seize control of the fortress.
  • Viet Con Village – As you lead your squad down the Ho Chi Minh trail you come across a seemingly abandoned village nestled within the jungle. All is not as it seems – the villagers have fled their homes in fear and the village is now teeming with hostile Vietcong. Air cover this far behind enemy lines is not available and a minefield encircles the village, which means you have no choice but to go straight through. Your mission is to seize control of the village, building by building.
  • The Haunted Graveyard – Dark, gloomy and dangerous.  These three words typify the elements that you will be facing as you aim to eliminate the enemy.  Find cover behind tombstones and anything else that will provide you with safety.  Your timing and aim will need to be impeccable as you pick off the enemy one-by-one.  Your mission is to eliminate the enemy and proceed through the graveyard.

The day was split into two halves with a break at lunchtime with snacks and hot drinks available or bring your own lunch.  If any of the above zones are incorrect I blame my source as I wasn’t there!

The people I spoke to after the event said it had been fantastic including the adults.  They had had a great time running round the various zones which were very realistic.  Some people had said it was a bit painful when being hit but others were having so much fun they didn’t notice!

All in all a great day out.