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As you can see from the photos fourteen lucky Scouts spent the weekend on Survival Camp including my son.  It was quiet without him!

They all met at Hollygate camp, Cotgrave at 2 pm on Saturday afternoon.  The leaders provided them with three wooden poles, a canvas sheet and some hay bales to make shelters for the night.  The Scouts sorted themselves into groups of 3 and one of 4 and started the task of making a dry place to sleep for the night with a little help from the leaders Peter, Graham and Peter.

Once all the shelters had been sorted thoughts soon turned to food.  Each group picked something to cook on an open fire, once they had collected enough wood.  My son cooked sausages and baked potatoes which always tastes much better in the outdoors.

The evening was spent round a large fire to keep warm, chatting to the leaders.  At about 11 pm the Scouts started disappearing to settle down to sleep.  They were lucky to have a nice dry night but temperatures did drop as their was a frost overnight.

Everyone seemed to have survived the night although a few had been cold.  Before breakfast a quick hunt for more wood was organised then eggs, sausage and bread was rustled up.  The camp was then dismantled ready for the Scouts to be picked up by parents about 10 am.