The Turkey Trot is nearly upon us. If you do one thing for the Scout Group this year, it should be helping with this event.  The Turkey Trot Half Marathon is our major fundraiser for the year, takes place on the second Sunday in December at 10.15am, and attracts 1000 runners from all over the country.

Here are some of the roles that you can help with.  Please consider donating just a few hours of your time to support this superb fundraiser.

Marshal: an hour or two standing on a street corner keeping the runners safe by managing traffic.  If you can’t spare that long or have a limited time window, we need a presence on Church Drive fairly early on Sunday morning.

Deliver notices to residents: we try to keep residents informed with information about the race, which is hand-delivered through letterboxes.

Saturday preparation: on the day before the race there is a lot of equipment organisation at the Scout Hut, getting it out of store, working out what’s going where, and packing it ready for transport to the school.  Tables and other equipment are taken to 3 locations around the course, ready for the drinks stations to be set up.  This job is much easier with more hands, even if you can only spare 20 minutes!

Sunday – kitchen.  We provide free tea, coffee and soup to runners, as well as various snacks etc.  We need to staff the kitchen and the serving hatch, as well as getting stores and equipment to the school, and clearing up after the event.

Sunday – tidy-up.   There’s plenty to do after the end of the event to get the school back to the state it was in beforehand, with equipment being packed up and taken back to the scout hut,  This usually happens between about 1pm and 4pm.

Email to find out how you can help.

What is the Turkey Trot?