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A Race Night was organized for early October at the hut to raise funds for our three Explorers (Leon, Harriet and Patrick) going to the Jamboree in Japan next year.  I was unsure as to what to expect but, as always, happy to have a night out doing something different.

The evening consisted of 8 races with 8 horses in each race.  Some of names made us laugh and made it difficult to pick a horse.  “Morning tea by first out of bed” and “UFO by something out of outer space” are a flavour of the  less conventional names available.  You will just have to come to the next event to see the other horse names!

Once all bets had been placed the first race DVD was picked.  Everyone watched the race in near silence as we got used to the format.  We listened to the commentator telling us who was leading and who was bringing up the rear!  The winners trooped up to get their winnings and everyone relaxed and got on with the business of picking the next horse.

As the races progressed so did the shouting.  We were all getting a little excited, especially those who were lucky enough to win.  Karl and I were lucky enough to win two races.  The bad news that the winnings were not enough to cover the losses!  Just as well I’m not a gambler!  I must admit I don’t like watching horse racing on the television but this was fun.  Perhaps it was the drinks and nibbles or just the good company.  A great evening.

A big thank you to the businesses who sponsored the races, Mark Lacey Builders, Ultimate Tinting, Welham Architects, Ewan Burns Hairdressers, Wolds Nursery, Amanda Finlay Eyecare and La Casa Interiors.